Over Two Years Manifesting Excellence has so Far Included Answers on:

Attracting Money

Attracting a Partner

Tapping into Abundance!

Getting into Alignment and Congruency with the Larger Energetic Aspect of You

Clearing Clutter to Free up Energy and Get into Your Fow!

Authenticity, Self-Esteem & Self Value

Resolving Self-Fulfilling Prophecies in Your Life

Increasing Your Confidence

Being Aligned to a Breathtaking Relationship

Resolving Conflicts and Creating "Lifestyle Integration" between Different Areas of Your Life

Having a Method of Identifying and Releasing Self-Sabotage

How to Uncover Any Blocks Towards Your Manifestations

Stepping into Your Power

A Special Way to Define Your Outcomes so That They Happen!

Techniques to Deal with Internal and External Conflicts

How to have Deep Communication with Yourself and Work with the Answers That You Get

Dealing with Conflicts Between Two or More Choices

Identifying Thoughts That You Don't Know are There Which are Blocking What You Want

Developing Your Manifesting Skills

How to Avoid Attracting the Same Types of Lovers

Removing Invisible but Damaging Emotional Baggage

Dealing with Codependency

Resoling Situations with Parents, Siblings and Close Ones

How to Deal with Anxiety and Avoid Putting Pressure on Yourself

Tapping into Your Intuitive Abilities and Using the Answers You Get

The Secret to Finding "Genuine" Gratitude in Your Life

Confidence & Competency

Live Interactions and Success in Attracting a Relationship

Removing the Roots to Your Issues Once and For All

Questions & Answers about Losing Weight & Dieting

Learn Exactly How to Make Techniques Work for You to Have What You Want

Accelerating Your Evolution

Deal with Negative People/Influences Around You

Disconnecting Negative Triggers

Setting Behavioural and Energetic 'Boundaries'

Getting Into Your Flow and Staying There

Manifesting Stories and Experiences with Hemal and Others on Manifesting Excellence

Making "Magic" and "Miracles" Happen

Making your Unconscious Mind and Your Spirit Work For You

Getting a Job

Increasing Your Income

Identifying and Removing Scarcity Beliefs

Having a Full-Time Job/Steady Income

"Letting Go of Attachment"

Dealing with Fears, Addictions and Insecurities

Manifest Your Goals Faster

Have Less Stress and More Peace in Your Now

How to See and Recognise More Synchronicities in Your Life

Bridging the Gap between Where You Are and Where You Want to Be

Releasing The Old and Creating Space for the New…

How to Be a Magnet to What You Want

Dealing with the Challenges of Your Present and Creating an Outstanding Future

How to Avoid "Splitting "Your Energy

Techniques to Handle Fear And to Find Your Flow

Dealing with Health and Physiological Situations

What Are the Best Techniques to Use to Manifest Your Goals?

Mind, Body & Spirit Alignment

"Manifesting $10,000 Being as Easy as Manifesting a Parking Space"

Dealing with Abusive Relationships and Situations

Dealing with Emotional, Physical & People Clutter

How "Incompletes" Can Be Robbing You of Precious Energy

Becoming an Intuitive Manifestor

Understanding the Signs, Symbology & Patterns in Your Life

Becoming "Self Referential" Than "Externally Referential"

Doing an Intuitive Reading/Writing and Being More in Tune with Yourself and Your Manifestations

"How Do We Attract the Special Man in Our Lives When We Tend to Attract the Wrong Ones?"

Understand How the Prosperity Game Works

Dealing with Personal Attacks from Others and Other's Negativity

"Hypnotic Modelling" Technique to Acquire A Lot Of Information Quickly and Become an Expert in Your Chosen Field

"How Do I Go from Meeting Men I like to Meeting the Man of My Dreams?"

What Is "Soul to Soul" Love?